Hello from a newbie Web Developer!


Felt that an introduction might be redundant but on a second thought - why not introduce myself properly!

My name’s Mat (short for Mateusz - as it is a bit of a tongue breaker, I am Polish mind you :slight_smile: ) !

Just like the title says - I am a newbie Web Developer, currently trying to glue everything together (somehow) in MEAN Stack, so please bare with me if I ever ask a silly question!

Currently living in Wolverhampton, thinking of moving to Birmingham to be closer to Aston University that I start this year and, I just enjoy spending time there.

I am very glad that I found, so I am looking forward to everything it has to offer. :slight_smile:

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Welcome to the community! There is a BrumJS meetup that should be interesting for you.

That is really amazing, thank you very much for the heads up!

Welcome to the community, @MatChabros.

Sometimes, it’s the silly questions which are the best questions (or maybe the questions other people are scared to ask), whereas, of course, other times they’re just silly - we welcome both types :smile:

As well as BrumJS, there are a whole host of other meet-up groups in the area, covering a whole range of topics. If you’re a beginner, I’d suggest looking at Open Code, codebar, and the new meet-up group that we’re in the process of setting up. All of which (in addition to lots of others) are on our Calendar.

Hi Mateusz!

See you at BrumJS :slight_smile:

Welcome, Mateusz. :slight_smile:

Sometimes I just, you know, feel lonely that I can’t talk about functions and objects with anyone but myself, so I will definitely check out the meet ups!

Hello and welcome to Mateusz :smile:

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