Hello everyone. I am Doug

(Doug Scott) #1


I am Doug and I heard that this was an interesting place to say hi:) I founded www.potential.co, invested in quite a lot of companies, mess about lots, easily bored, tell bad jokes.

I can’t code, but I seem to have a knack of finding people who are much better than me and getting them in a room together and getting them to have a common goal.

We have opened an office in Brum for one of the companies, www.redbrain.com and even though they won’t let me in the office any more as I annoy them, I do get to sit in the coffee shop some days.

Anyone fancy a coffee and a random conversation about anything silly ping me please:)



(Daniel Hollands) #2

Hey Doug, welcome to the community.

(Andy Wootton) #3

Hi Doug, I think I get that you are an investor and entrepreneur. Where do the ideas that become the common goals come from?

(Doug Scott) #4

I mess about and follow my nose:)
Expand please:):slight_smile:

(Doug Scott) #5

Thanks:) So what is happening? I like to create mischief:)

(Doug Scott) #6

Andy. We started with www.carrentals.co.uk as a mate had a car hire company 20 years ago and I thought I could do it better online, we did 1 million rentals so you could say we did:) I recruited some odd people I met along the way ( mostly who still work in the Group ), we started experimenting with seo and create 1000’s of random sites to push into theGoogle index…to see if we could for a challenge…logic was we should try to do same in sem. So we picked some big sectors travel and shopping and media and looked at what was working for others with an aim to be better copies, after a while some of our copies were so much better we created more problems for ourself that we had to fix…and so it goes on

(Andy Wootton) #7

I was really asking if you come up with the ideas or if you are looking for ideas. There are lots of ideas knocking around in the community but few of the good ones seem to result in anyone making any money. We always need investment in infrastructure with no plan of profit. We may as well be the Labour Party :slight_smile:

There is a Brumtech Slack for day to day chat (which forgets everything because we don’t pay the bills) and a small team have just taken over running this site from its creator Dan @Limeblast, who has run away to Worcester to be a grown-up.

…and there is Silicon Canal that feels to me like it represents the interests of SME start-ups in trying to attract funding to the city, while speaking for and representing ‘the tech community’. There may be a slight mismatch between what the hackers here and on Brumtech Slack and Silicon Canal think our interests are but we all want ‘the area’ to thrive. ‘The area’ has very flexible boundaries.

(Doug Scott) #8

Ideas are like arseholes everyone has one:) I am only good at doing companies and ideas that make cash…I am no good at anything else:) I am not doing anything nowadays other than sitting on the Group board…looking for WOW that has huge impact, or funny stuff to do from now on…ideally both

(Andy Wootton) #9

There is a lot of competition in that market but you are the first person I’ve noticed who has shown up here and tried to get involved rather than going through the official funding channels, so I award you a +1 for that :slight_smile:

(Andy Wootton) #10

Do you really think there are many good ideas? I’ve been to Silicon Canal in the pub nights and never been particularly impressed by anything I’ve heard pitched. There are more “a bit like x except with…” iterations on other people’s ideas than you can throw a stick at, and sometimes they are quite successful but I think WOW ideas are rare. Trello was the last time I remember thinking “Oh, that’s an interesting idea!” but then I still can’t see why anyone likes LinkedIn or Slack, so I may have poor taste.

(Doug Scott) #11


We are a decent size player in most sectors:) www.redbrain.com www.30m.com

I have never understood funding methods, always seems too hard describing concept to paper shufflers… Obviously if the system can be used then it should be but it should not distract form offering something that someone wants…it is not that hard:) Tech is filled with wannabe’s sadly…aslong as there is a huge amount of cash looking for a home crap founders and crap ideas will be funded…I just try to not to meet them:)

(Doug Scott) #12

From experience of what we built and the 1000’s of ideas I saw the ideas are the so what… I used to aim to invest in humble learning people…

The best people are very smart but have strong ideas loosely held, they have a tourette like syndrome to learn…they will question you for hours and hours…it would be a massive 2 way learning street. I used to give them money and see where they went. I got loads wrong but some right…right as in they became people I was very proud to say I helped them and they helped me.

(Andy Wootton) #13

When you say “ideas loosely held” do you mean that they are flexible and willing to change them to make them work, that they are willing to walk away from them when they don’t work out and find an alternative - or do you mean something else?

(Doug Scott) #14

strong ideas loosely held
if the data says something else they change or quit
works in everything in life

(Andy Wootton) #15

Ah, science! I’m a big fan :slight_smile: Thanks.

I’ve spent time over the last couple of years trying to convince agilists that they are applying the scientific method to requirements discovery - with variable amounts of success.

Also: from Prof. Cox on ‘The infinite monkey cage’: “a fact is just a theory that hasn’t been proved wrong yet”.

(Mitesh Parmar) #16

Hey Doug,

Same Doug from Linky brains I take it?

It would be nice to meet for a coffee one day.
I’m trying to learn more about start-ups etc.

I’ve always got some idea then find out someone else already has done it or started it and its not as well known. I’ve got one or two ideas, but not sure if worth it.


(Doug Scott) #17

Same Doug:) Hands many pies:)

Look on twitter as I keep having random coffees:)

(Mitesh Parmar) #18

Cheers, will do. I’m not as active on Twitter as i use too, but will keep an eye out.
Let me know if you do plan one, we’ve connected on LinkedIn.