Hello, another Marc here


I’m Marc.

I mostly work with ruby these days, though I’ve used many languages over the years; most recently, prior to ruby: PHP, Java, and the odd bit of perl. I’m a “full stack” freelancer and generally work remote from my base here in Ledbury.

Some recent past clients:

My current personal project (which needs some frontend love) is:



Hi Marc and welcome.

Hey @auxbuss, welcome to the community.

FndOut looks interesting, where are you getting the data from? I did notice on minor issue with it, in that the share location functionality was pointing to the wrong place, and I wasn’t sure how I could make it point to a custom location.


The data comes from Factual. There are other sources that I’ve dabbled with, but most have restrictive licensing. The plan is for FndOut to have its own, of course.

Thanks for the feedback. Location can be hit and miss when it comes via a router, but should be fine over mobile.

If the first tab – labelled #here – is showing the wrong location then it’s a Google/ISP/router thing. (i.e. it’s using the location the browser has given it.) Also, the service doesn’t track users, so if you are mobile, then you need to hit the “I’m not here!” button after you move to a new location. I’ll probably add a background check at some point; say, every hour.

For custom locations, you can use the other two tabs: #home and #other. You can save locations in there too. Those two tabs are great for planning trips/holidays.

Thanks again, and let me know how you get on.

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Welcome Marc, I like the concept of fndout.

Hi Tajinder,

Thanks. What do I need to add so that you’d use it?

Hey Marc,

Tbh this is the first time I have heard of the website. I would usually use Google maps to find any, cafes, bars etc. In my case having a mobile app would help. An app that is very precise in providing you options regarding cafes, bars, movies.

Yeah, I’ve done zero promotion on it. A few friends use it, which has been great for ironing out all the little niggles. I’m using it more and more now. It’s great for finding things you’d never find on your own.

And that’s it’s key USP: FndOut is about discovery not search.

I’m definitely stable enough for broader use now.

A friend from the US toured Europe for three months recently and used it a lot. He’s a tough nut. A real Apple/interface nitpicker. He nitpicked, but still used it and found stuff all over he’d have missed. It helped find late night hotels, places to eat, things to do.

It is a web-site, rather than an app, but it is responsive, and I spent a bunch of time last week tweeking the mobile side. It’s not far off an app now. The one thing I will be doing soon is adding a slide out panel – since those are a big deal now. It won’t be much work, but will make navigation a lot easier.

Please do try it. While I’d love to be Google rich :wink: my real (and more realistic) aim is to connect people in the real world with things to do in the real world.

None of us know half of the stuff going on very close to us, and I want to make it so that folk can find those things. Myself included!

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