Hello! An old one returning to the scene!

Hi there!

I’m Martin, aka Mez, and I used to be fairly involved with the Birmingham tech community. However, seems I disappeared into the unknown when I started working in Coventry, and had all my time sucked away with the commute!

I’m now back in Birmingham and looking to get participating again. I used to be a LUGmaster for Birmingham LUG (and possibly still am, if only because I never formally quit), and used to be heavily involved with that.

I’m currently working for a Web Dev agency over in Solihull called Just Say Please, as a Sr. Dev. (although, that might change soon when we shake up the company by buying another!)

IF you want to know anything, just ask :slight_smile:

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Howdy @Mez, and welcome (back).

Please excuse my ignorance, but am I to assume that LUG is Linux User Group? If so, that might be something I’d be interested in joining (even tho I am rocking OS X right now).

Yes, the LUG is the Birmingham Lunyx User Group.


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