Hello all, I'm Rog and I've just moved to Brum!

Hi all!

I’m Rog, and I’m a (mostly) front-end dev working in Angular, Node, Meteor and suchlike. I’m currently working at the University of Oxford, where I’m building a citizen science project with the Zooniverse.

I’ve just moved to Moseley with my fiancée and we know almost no one here, so hope to meet some of you around :slight_smile:

Hey @rogerhutchings, welcome to the community, and welcome to Birmingham.

There is a very active meetup scene here in Brum, to see what’s happening in the coming week, check out our Calendar. A good place to start would be the Silicon Canal Meetup.

Hi Rog!

I dug your Zooniverse site, but wowsers React stomps all over ‘view source’. Really interesting to see, I haven’t had a chance (excuse) to use it myself yet.

Hope you’re enjoying Moseley and settling in ok.

Thanks! Yeah, it’s beautiful round here.

React is a bit mad - I’ve tried to avoid it so far because I find the JS / HTML monstrosities that result painful to read. I’m working on an Angular project instead :stuck_out_tongue:

Incidentally, all of our code is on GitHub; the React stuff is in

Thanks Dan, I’ll check them out.

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Welcome @rogerhutchings!

If you and your fiancée head out to Malvern for a walk sometime, let me know!


Cool - went to check it out and ended up down a rabbit hole.

The syntax highlighter for CoffeeScript that GitHub are using in their markdown seems to struggle when it comes across the single quote character. It starts a string and can’t be escaped, only ended. Weird.

Actually, sorry to like just invite myself, but I’m up for that, I’m a huge fan of Malvern Hills.

It’s a good choice to locate to Moseley (I may be biased :wink: )

Haven’t been to the Malvern Hills for a while either!

Sounds like it might be worth organising a ‘geeks on foot’ meet up here and go for a walk and talk sometime.

If it’s a weekend, I’d prov have to bring the kids (young uns) but that needn’t be a blocker.

Shall I start a separate thread?

Hello and welcome Roger :slight_smile: interesting looking site too. I love the example project - “Classify cats. On the internet. For science.”

Sounds like an ace idea, I’m well up for this - I’m sure all the folks with fitbits would be up for getting a couple thousand more steps logged :smile:

Hi @rogerhutchings +1. You might like Brum Skeptics in the Pub too. There have been citizen science talks there and there was a ‘Pint of Science’ festival earlier this year. I think it will be annual.

An ex-Incunanought! Welcome to the Brum!

I am! I recognise your handle from #oxford-geeks, actually - did you make the escape from Oxford too?

Yeah, I turned up here a few months ago. I’m ex-WO, so I know quite a few of your old gang.

Are you coming to the Silicon Canal drinks on Thursday? We can talk smack about each others ex companies over a few beers :slight_smile:

That sounds like a top plan - unfortunately, I’m in Oxford today and tomorrow, so catch you at the next one?

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