Hello all! I'm a freelance iOS + Android developer

Hi Birmingham :slight_smile: I’m a freelance iOS and Android developer, currently living in Malvern. For various reasons I do a fair bit of work in London, which seems nuts considering how much closer Birmingham is. So, I thought I’d introduce myself here and find out a bit more about what’s going on! And likewise, if anyone had any questions about mobile development, especially native apps, I’d be more than happy to chat about what I do. Here’s my portfolio with a few things I’ve done in the past:


Welcome to the funhouse, @Peter_Rocker :slight_smile:

Hey @Peter_Rocker, welcome to the community :smile:

Malvern is a lovely place, I’ve enjoyed many a day walking up and down the hills.

You don’t commute down there, do you? The Great Western train line is atrocious (I’m originally from London, and went to uni in Worcester, so I know that train line well)

I’m a web developer by trade (currently Ruby, but PHP in the past), but I’ve got an idea for something that I’d like to build for the mobile platform - although I was planning on using something like Ionic, rather than going native.

When I’m on-site with a client, I get either the 5:17 or the 5:59 on Monday morning, stay with family for the week, and come back up Friday evening. The train isn’t too bad - when it runs! I do know of people who do it daily, but I would find that too draining.

There are loads of great hybrid frameworks emerging at the moment - but I still find native is often the simplest and fastest way to get things done, especially when targeting a single platform. I guess it’s a personal preference too - I don’t come from a web background.

Hi @Peter_Rocker :smile:

Nice work!

I used to live in Worcester and work in Evesham - a train journey of no more than 20 minutes - simple, you’d think - right? But as you’ve pointed out, it’s not the most reliable service, with cancellations and delays more often than reliable service. I managed it for 3 months, then - for the purposes of saving my sanity - gave up with the commute and just moved to Evesham.

If I had any knowledge of Java or Objective C, I might agree with you - but alas I don’t. That said, I’m still very much a beginner when it comes to JavaScript - so maybe this would be a good time to look at native development - I just don’t want to have to learn two new languages, when learning JavaScript will also benefit my web stuff.

Five seventeen AM? In the morning? You’re made of sterner stuff than I am…

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I share an office with Peter in Malvern and have found a way to make the distance to work, assuming the client is open-minded. (And they usually are).

The trains via Worcester after 8:15 am or so all have stable wifi (bar the Oxon blackspot) so I usually get the 8:08 from Malvern and work all the way to Paddington for about 11, get to client for meetings from 11:30 to 3, then back to paddington for the 15:5x - the work all the way back. Total work day: 8ish to 6.30 - not too punishing.

Hello and welcome Peter!

I hope the peaceful and beautiful Malvern life makes up for the travelling :frowning:

Hi Peter,

And welcome to the board.

We may need your help actually: Looking for freelance iOS / React Native developer

If you are available within the next couple of weeks.

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