Heating controller

Ruth Mills at Java Meetup in Brum. Lets try that again with the right link!

Pi3 and plans for Mycroft AI. Ruth works at Connect.

I really like the realism of her manual override.

I’ve been thinking since watching it that there’s place in the market for interfaces which keep the scary mains and hot water stuff away from home-hackable monitoring & control systems, though a failed thermostat that resulted in the hot water in the tank in our roof boiling was pretty scary too, so perhaps some basic safety cut-outs would be necessary.

Aye, we had the issue with the failed thermostat and the water boiling over in the tank back in 2004 ourselves, not long after we moved into our house in Shrewsbury! One enhancement I want to make though is some “debounce” logic for the boiler controller - so you can’t turn it on and off successively - e.g. several times a second - which would probably make the relays arc rather badly when under load!

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