Happy New Year - what are your resolutions?

(David Goodwin) #21

Yes, I’ve seen a video of something like that. ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=S6P3jcxKh-k ? )

Mine aren’t addressable individually (which is fine …)

(Daniel Hollands) #22

Take a look at http://hobbycomponents.com/our-brand-exclusives/655-hobby-components-4x4x4-64-led-cube-kit-blue and http://hobbycomponents.com/our-brand-exclusives/734-hobby-components-8x8x8-cube-kit.

I’ve built the 4x4x4 once before, but as I was using a cardboard jig, rather than one made of a more sturdy material, it wasn’t very good. It’s since found itself in the bin, although now I have access to better materials to build the jig out of, and have purchased a second kit, I do intend on trying again.

The 8x8x8 seems far too complex for my tastes however.

(Andy Wootton) #23

Maker Monday on 29th is about 3D visuals.

(David Goodwin) #24

Ah - those kits are cool.

Now I just need to :

  • find somewhere to do it [where the kids won’t poke it]
  • get a soldering iron and
  • splash out for a kit …

while I’ve only looked at some pictures, I kind of feel I’m closer to doing something.

(Jon) #25

If anyone is interested in lighting projects, check out electroluminescent materials, for example these. They are available in wire, tape and panel forms. From my limited understanding, it’s a special sandwich of materials that emits photons when a moderate frequency is applied.

I just noticed them on eBay, so I bought a sample 1M wire with battery-powered driver for the princely sum of £3 delivered. The glow it produces is impressive, and very uniform across the wire length.

(Daniel Hollands) #26

I’ve seen el wire before (Hobby Craft do a cute kit that lets you build a sign of your name using it), but this is the first time I’ve seen the panels, which would be perfect for the 3d printed lightboxes I’ve been building.

(I guess I should unclog the nozzle and queue something else up for print)