Happy New Year - what are your resolutions?

(Daniel Hollands) #1

For me, among the usual new year’s flurry (weight loss, more exercise, etc…) This is the year I buy a house.

My girlfriend and I are about 6 months away from having the deposit money required, meaning things a lot closer than they’ve ever been. One of my cousins is a mortgage advisor, who’s said she’ll happily do her bit free of charge, but beyond that, at this point, we don’t have too much worked out - so plenty to do.

The other big one for me is to improve my maker skills. I’ve played with electronics a bit, and have an interest in woodworking, but space and time have prevented me from taking it as far as I would like. Hopefully, the aforementioned house should provide the required space, but until then, I’m going to take a look at some maker skills classes I can attend, such as woodworking and metalworking.

What does 2018 mean for you?

(David Goodwin) #2

Do a few little projects with a Raspberry Pi or Arduino (e.g. clock, alexa clone, flashing leds etc).

(Daniel Hollands) #3

Do you have any specific leads for these projects (i.e. tutorials you can follow), or are you planning on winging it? Instructables is a good source of inspiration for such things, and I’d be up for helping out on such undertakings, if you wanted some additional input?

(Kai “The Comfy Chair” Moseley) #4

This is the year I buy a house.

Have fun! We recently bought a house too (we did our time down south and bailed back up to the midlands where it’s possible to actually buy houses) :slight_smile: Hopefully it wont be too stressful! It’ll be so nice to be able to hang things on the wall and decorate how you like!

For me my focus is to continue pushing on with front end development (always something new to play with) and also take archery back up now that I’ve returned to Staffordshire and there’s a local club with an indoor range so I can shoot in winter (night starting at around 4pm is always a pain for me)! :slight_smile:

(Daniel Hollands) #5

We’re going to put up so many shelves!!!

(Daveyon Mayne) #6

I feel like to reintroduce myself as I have not written a post for ages on here :sweat_smile:

I do not remember having a resolution for many years so I am confident in saying this one with strong velocity behind it.

  1. Read more
  2. Write more blog posts/articles
  3. Spend more time with the kids (new job has taken its toll)
  4. Stop rushing to launch Zired and take my time
  5. Purchase this dream desk from ikea :hugs:
  6. Drink homemade fruit juices/vegetable juices every morning
  7. And finally, learn Jest

(Alex Russell) #7

Like @SylarRuby I don’t really do New Year resolutions. Mainly because I don’t really care to try and fail to do something. As such, I’m easing my way in this year with some pretty achievable goals (if you can even call them that).

  • Actually reserve some time to read. I really enjoy reading but just never find myself with time to do so. I already had loads of unread books but I have received another billion for Christmas. So I’m going to try to go to bed 30-60 minutes earlier most nights so I can fit some reading in.
  • Continue learning French on Duolingo. I’m not sure how good Duolingo actually is for teaching me correctly (I’m the kind of guy who likes to know what the rules are, rather than osmosing them in with its idea of flashcards-like learning) but I’ve already been doing it for a couple of months now, so I’ll just carry on and see where that goes.
  • Learn to like olives (and maybe coriander too). My vague plan for this is just to eat an olive every so often whenever we have them in the house, and try to get them in foods where I can (only where the disgusting awful taste of them won’t ruin an otherwise nice dish) such as on a Subway sandwich or on a pizza. I imagine learning to like them is definitely something I can do, so let’s see how this one goes!

(Daniel Hollands) #8

Olives are amazing! They’re a regular feature of our shopping basket.

(Alex Russell) #9

Well I hope to agree with you by this time next year!

(Greg Robson) #10

tl;dr Consume less, create more.

I’ve just deactivated my Instagram accounts (private and public) I rarely (if ever) posted and only followed a handful of people who I’m already friends with on Facebook.

I also want to reduce and possibly time-limit the amount of time spent on news websites.

I also aim to publish an eBook on a technical subject. I have the outline written out and a friend who can edit/proofread. It’s going to be hard though.

I also want to do more photography and I’ve just purchased a license for Affinity Photo and Affinity Designer and they both look very promising. (Made by Serif, who made PagePlus… it appears they started from scratch a few years back and the results are amazing!)

It’s going to be a year of avoiding distractions!

(Kai “The Comfy Chair” Moseley) #11

Just give me a shout if you ever need help with jest! I introduced jest as our test runner for our latest web apps so I’ve dealt with the config faffery! :slight_smile:

(Jim Seconde) #12

This year I will own a flat and complete a start-to-finish home project and host it on AWS.

(Daniel Hollands) #13

Looks like we’re going to have many of the same challenges.

Do you have a project in mind, or are you waiting for inspiration to strike?

(Jim Seconde) #14

@LimeBlast Aye, it was going to be a house but pressures on careers and workplaces doesn’t really allow for that. It’ll be a Jewellery Quarter flat that will allow me to laugh at my London friends for being idiots.

As for the AWS stuff - I have a simple app idea, I’m building it for the Mrs. I’ve spent ages waiting to write one, if only for the devops side! Symfony 4, Semantic UI and vanilla JS for now. Maybe I can go nuts once I’ve deployed v1 and Vue or React it.

(Alex Russell) #15

There’s a semantic-ui React component library, so you might find going down that route is a nice transition when you’re ready to SPA or whatever.

(Andy Wootton) #16

To sell my son’s flat in Lion Court, Warstone Lane, next to Red Lion: 1 double bedroom, balcony over-looking courtyard. Car parking space :slight_smile: Being valued soon.

(Jon) #17

My first resolution this year is to get back into contracting; I’ve taken nearly a year off, which was more than I intended, and the longer one leaves it, the harder it is to get back into! I intend not to leave it as late as reaching penury before I call up the recruiters.

A much more interesting goal is for me to get my form-to-email project into the hands of real users. I have finished the first version of the wizard, and just today, got a deployed form working with real email servers. My invention works! :crazy_face:

I used AWS as well @jims: it does what it says on the tin, even if the customer support is poor. However, since I don’t lock myself into any AWS specific stuff, Linode or Digital Ocean would probably do just as well.

(Jon) #18

I’ve taken a similar approach: jQuery for the first version, functional browser testing for as much stuff as I can, then a “proper” JS framework once I can justify the additional learning curve.

(David Goodwin) #19

Well, I managed to get some LED lights and an Arduino as a Xmas presents; So I’ve blended them with a breadboard and got as far as getting the lights to cycle through different colours.

I’m still trying to think of whether to stick the lights (either in my office shed, or as external lighting for the house, but I’m not sure they’re bright enough to be seen/of use)… and then I’ll need to think how to deploy it…

(Andy Wootton) #20

@TheGingerDog I saw an 8x8(?) array of LEDs under programmatic control by an Arduino. In my head, that’s the beginning of a clustered 3D animation.