Hacking/Security Meetup

(David Davidson) #41

Sounds probably good to me :slight_smile: Hopefully will have the moving nonsense sorted by then!


Looking forward to this - are people still interested?

(James) #43


When are we doing it? Saturday 2nd July?

Wanna do something in June as well?


Iā€™m free all weekends apart from when Iā€™m not :slight_smile:

My wife is basically my calendar so will check with her. Doing festivals in
June (11th or so) but other than that, all good with me

(James) #45

Ha, I think Iā€™m busy every other weekend in June except the 11th, so, see you in July. :slight_smile:

(Andy Wootton) #46

Via BCS email:

"Dear BCS Birmingham Member,

Eddie Allan, who had presented a talk on GDRP this Tuesday, has been involved in the set-up of the West Midlands Cyber Cluster and they have our Launch event soon.

Below is the website and the link to the launch event.