Hacker's safety guide

On Slack, I mentioned that I went on a bowl making course. I didn’t need a bowl but I wanted to play with a pole lathe.
We spent the morning hacking the shape of the bowl with an axe, so were told to wear a chainmail glove on the other hand. Then a work glove over it to stop slipping. They were like this

We were also encouraged to stand to one side of the chopping block, so a miss would go outside our hip, not into the main artery in our groin and kill us in seconds. That was surprisingly difficult to remember for an extended period of time because your balance feels off so your leg edges across into the danger-zone.
I also put the chainmail glove on the wrong hand, until it became uncomfortable. Not as uncomfortable as it might have been. Happy “resistant materials” hacking!

Recommended IDE was but I think we used Husqvarna at half the price because there were 6 of us and people leave them in the forest.

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