Greetings from Worcester

I’ve been here for just over a week now, and have until the end of this week until I’m back at work.

Despite having very different ideas about how things should be, Lucy and I haven’t killed each other over the layout of furniture or anything yet (mostly because she just ignores me).

There is an amazing view off our balcony over the Diglis marina, which I plan on sharing with the world via the Octocam kit I just purchased:

This is also the property with which I’m going to dip my toe into home automation. I’ve got three Sonos play:1s, an Echo, and have just purchased a TRÅDFRI app & gateway starter kit for some smart lights, which I plan on tying together using Home Assistant.


Irrelevant fact: I once capsized a kayak at the bottom of Diglis weir in the Under-16 K2 national championship. I thought we’d been unlucky but the same weekend, a member of the British team dislocated his shoulder by capsizing at the top which, frankly, was just careless.

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