Greatest pop song of all time

(Daniel Hollands) #1

Not that I want to start a flame war here or anything (;)) but I just wanted to make the statement that:

is clearly the best pop song ever created… That is all.

(Alastair McGowan-Douglas) #2

(Steve Pitchford) #3

“Men at work” et al… Down Under

Do you come from the land of love?

(Steve Pitchford) #4

or from the land down under?

(Daniel Hollands) #5

I think we might be able to guess how old people are (or at least in which decade they were born) based on what they (incorrectly) consider the best pop song.

An old boss of mine would suggest:

is the best, and would probably mutter something about Duran Duran, which would make him at least 10-15 years older than me.

(Daniel Newns) #6

funny you should mention this i know @sil is a huge fan of this song, so much in fact he was dancing along to it in the german market last night when they played it :wink:

(Colin Smith) #7

I’d be inclined to agree with Duran Duran, and I’d add Ultravox and and Depeche Mode into the mix, not that I was listening to stuff like that you understand :wink:

(Stuart Langridge) #8

I am. It is a mighty song. Not sure it’s the best pop song of all time, but it’s in the top ten :smiley:

(Andy Wootton) #9

If it was the greatest ‘pop’ song ever, then wouldn’t it have to be the most popular; the best selling single ever, adjusted by the average number of singles being sold at the time? I don’t know what that is btw so just consider this as a music fan’s protest against thinking music is a contest, or that ‘popular’ has anything to do with ‘great’ :smile:

(Daniel Hollands) #10

I have a candidate for second best pop song ever:

(Steve Jalim) #11

Pop? This one:

(Pete Griffiths) #12

Nope. Got to be this (especially given it’s Friday and very nearly beer o’clock)

<img src=’/uploads/default/original/1X/2653a2ef0bc3908594967668a87dc2c1c1ce8442.jpg’ alt=‘Friday I’m In Love’>

(Andy Wootton) #13

This is !

I can’t believe @Sil hasn’t already proposed this one

(Roger Hutchings) #14

Late to the party, but objectively speaking it’s this

(Andy Henson) #15

I’m sorry but you’re all wrong. Everyone knows that Tenacious D created the greatest and best song in the world, unfortunately they couldn’t remember it so all we’ve got is their Tribute to it.

(Daveyon Mayne) #16

I really liked this:

(Steve Pitchford) #17

Can’t win, because clearly not pop. But pretty great.

(Steve Jalim) #18

If we’re opening it up a little, this is so good it’s on my funeral playlist

(Michael Brett) #19

If we’re onto funeral songs now, I’m dropping Sleigh Bells’ ‘A/B Machines’

Saw these two live at the Electric Ballroom (2012?) and this track absolutely hammered the place.

(Daniel Hollands) #20

Seeing as we seem to have moved away from pop, here are a couple from Genesis I like: