Goodbye and thanks for all the bytes (apologies to Douglas Adams)

(Mary Matthews) #1

After spending the last decade or so in and around Birmingham, I’ve moved to West Sussex for family reasons and Memrica has moved with me. After the wrestling with furniture and packing boxes, it’s time to explore the tech scene and get back to business. It’s a bit like dating all over again, trying to meet the right people, having mutually good conversations and finding shared interests. So far I haven’t come across anything quite like and the meet up scene seems quiet - although I guess it is August. I wish you all well for an amazing future and keep on shouting about the great things Birmingham has to offer for tech start ups! Anyone who wants to keep in touch can find me through LinkedIn or email direct at

(Stuart Langridge) #2

Best of luck with the move! There’s a pretty vibrant tech scene in Brighton, if you can get out to there. Our loss is Sussex’s gain :slight_smile:

(Andy Wootton) #3

I can think of 4 ex-Midlanders in Brighton. Probably the fish and chips? Good luck.

(Daniel Hollands) #4

All the best for the future :slight_smile: