Global Sustainability Jam at Impact Hub Birmingham | 4th-6th November

(Biscuitnapper) #1

Hello all,

Long time no hear, I know. I wanted to share the upcoming event Global Jam event which might be of interest to all of you designers (whether digital or User Experience or anything in between), makers and anyone else who might be into the idea of a weekend of design thinking in action.

Spaghetti Jams are hosting the 2016 Global Sustainability Jam at Impact Hub Birmingham. If you’re interested in meeting other like minded designers, activists, community leaders and regular folk who want to learn how to make a difference, definitely check this out. From the eventbrite page:

What you will learn…
This 48 hour global jam challenge will guide you through a human-centred design process where you’ll be able to get you in the field, prototype and test your ideas quickly and share them with the world.

Why join us…
People attend Jams for lots of different reasons, whether it is to learn something, meet new people, push yourself to try something different or flex your creative muscles there is something for everyone.

How it works
Everyone gathers on Friday evening to discover a global theme, which is kept secret until jams all over the world have seen it.

We split into teams and work together through Saturday and Sunday to design and prototype ideas inspired by the theme.

At 3pm on Sunday everyone shows what they’ve made and shares their work online with a Creative Commons License.

Tickets and Sponsorship
The ticket price helps us to cover costs for the venue, materials for prototyping, service design resources for inspiration and food. This means all you need to think about it enjoying the event, creating amazing ideas.

Disclaimer aside, I’ll be one of the co-facilitators but as I first heard about the Jams through a post on this board, I thought I’d put it here in case it inspires someone else to sign up! It really is a great experience and an opportunity to put your lean design skills to the test and gain new ones!