Ghost Blog or Digital Ocean or Ghost Pro?

This is the hard part, I want to use Ghost Blog but not sure if it’s a hassle to self host or get your blog hosted by Ghost themselves (Ghost Pro).

Digital Ocean got some good price ($5+) but not sure exactly if that’s all I need. Is there a hassle to self-host your app or just get it hosted and all you do is blog?

I’m having a similar internal debate myself - it all boils down to what is most important to you, and what the pros and cons of each approach are.

  • If you go for the self-hosted option via Digital Ocean, you can be up and running within minutes, and at $5 a month, it’s a lot less than the cheapest option available on Ghost Pro. But in doing that, you’re taking on a lot of responsibility, and if anything goes wrong, it’ll be your job to fix it.

  • Going for Ghost Pro, on the other hand, will cost you more, but has an even quicker set-up than being self hosted, has a guarantee that it’ll work (and if it doesn’t, you get to shout at someone else to fix it for you), along with extra nice features such as a free CDN, etc… - but you lose out on flexibility (such as the ability to use custom plugins, etc…)

If you want to learn what it’s like its like being a devops, and to gain experience in fixing problems that might arrive, go for the self-hosted option - after all, learning how to set-up your own CDN might be fun - if, however, you just want something that works, go for Ghost Pro.

(Alternatively, why not look at something like Jekyll with free hosting on GitHub Pages?)

Since I’m heading in the direction of the web developer I said to myself that it’s best to use Digital Ocean, DO. Then if any issues I can fix it then blog about it :wink: That’s the plan: to use DO. I’ve looked at Heroku and AWS but I see those self-hosted platforms are aimed for businesses when all I need is just a little blog.

Currently changing out Ghost’s Casper theme with Zurb Foundation. Not sure why I like Zurb though :blush:

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Once you’re up and running, don’t forget to add yourself to Planet Birmingham.

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