Ghost Blog or Digital Ocean or Ghost Pro?

(Daveyon Mayne) #1

This is the hard part, I want to use Ghost Blog but not sure if it’s a hassle to self host or get your blog hosted by Ghost themselves (Ghost Pro).

Digital Ocean got some good price ($5+) but not sure exactly if that’s all I need. Is there a hassle to self-host your app or just get it hosted and all you do is blog?

(Daniel Hollands) #2

I’m having a similar internal debate myself - it all boils down to what is most important to you, and what the pros and cons of each approach are.

  • If you go for the self-hosted option via Digital Ocean, you can be up and running within minutes, and at $5 a month, it’s a lot less than the cheapest option available on Ghost Pro. But in doing that, you’re taking on a lot of responsibility, and if anything goes wrong, it’ll be your job to fix it.

  • Going for Ghost Pro, on the other hand, will cost you more, but has an even quicker set-up than being self hosted, has a guarantee that it’ll work (and if it doesn’t, you get to shout at someone else to fix it for you), along with extra nice features such as a free CDN, etc… - but you lose out on flexibility (such as the ability to use custom plugins, etc…)

If you want to learn what it’s like its like being a devops, and to gain experience in fixing problems that might arrive, go for the self-hosted option - after all, learning how to set-up your own CDN might be fun - if, however, you just want something that works, go for Ghost Pro.

(Alternatively, why not look at something like Jekyll with free hosting on GitHub Pages?)

(Daveyon Mayne) #3

Since I’m heading in the direction of the web developer I said to myself that it’s best to use Digital Ocean, DO. Then if any issues I can fix it then blog about it :wink: That’s the plan: to use DO. I’ve looked at Heroku and AWS but I see those self-hosted platforms are aimed for businesses when all I need is just a little blog.

Currently changing out Ghost’s Casper theme with Zurb Foundation. Not sure why I like Zurb though :blush:

(Daniel Hollands) #4

Once you’re up and running, don’t forget to add yourself to Planet Birmingham.