Getting numbers for the one-year anniversary party

UPDATE: The party will be on Saturday 30th May

To get an idea of numbers, please let me know your availability:


  • Three of the dates are the weekend before the birthday, and three are the weekend after.

  • If it’s a Friday or Saturday it’ll be in the evening (starting at around 7pm, until we get kicked out of the pub),

  • If it’s a Sunday it’ll be an afternoon thing (starting around 1pm, until around 7pm, or until we get kicked out the pub).

  • Mark as many of the dates as you’re available for, and we’ll go for the date on which most people are available.

Currently, the clear winner is Saturday 30th - but I know there are a lot of people who’ve not voted, so I’m going to leave the poll open for another week or so.

Guys, the deposit for the venue has been paid (thank you very much to Packt for covering this), and we’re both to two days:

  • Friday 29th
  • Saturday 30th

I’ll be making the decision on which day tomorrow, so if you’ve not already, visit the link below and set your availablility:

Remember, this is next weekend!!

Alas, the choice has been taken out of my hands. The Friday was booked by another party, so it’s the Saturday 30th or nothing.

I do hope some of the people who’ve put themselves as unavailable on the Saturday might be able to pop along at some point anyway, even if only for a swift half.

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