Geeks in boots - who fancies a walk and talk?

(Steve Jalim) #21

OK, so it’s set - Saturday April 9th. (Sorry @Peter_Rocker)

I’ll work out a couple of routes - a longer one from the station for the dedicated, and a shorter one, in the middle of the longer one, for those who - like me - are short on time. Middle section is likely to be a circle, to make it easier to drive to join in.

Shout now if you have any preferences/opinions on where we go

(Steve Jalim) #22

So, here’s the rough plan that should allow people to walk more or less, as they wish:

  • Meet at around 1pm on Saturday 9 April in Great Malvern, outside the Post Office.

  • If you want to come earlier and grab lunch, there are a few places around there (from the Wetherspoons to cafes and restaurants)

  • There’s parking opposite the pool if you want to drive, else Great Malvern and Malvern Link stations are 10-20 mins walk from the post office, respectively.

  • Walk heads up to St Ann’s well, southish towards Worcester Beacon, then hairpin around and northish, over the top of Worcester Beacon and on towards and around North Hill / End Hill, which gives enough up and down as well as enough round and around. Should take a 2-3 of hours going gently. We can add in some more if we’re going quicker than expected.

  • Route comes back to the same place, in the middle of town.

  • Those who want to can grab a drink in one of the pubs (I mean to try the newly managed Unicorn, FWIW). I can recommend a surprisingly good and cheap real burger diner in town, too, if you want to stick around past 5pm.

How’s that sound?

(Daniel Hollands) #23

I’m hoping that my liking of the post has shown my approval of the plan, but just in case it didn’t, here’s a verbal (textual?) confirm too.

I’ll be bringing my friend Lucy along, and are thinking of staying in a hotel in Malvern (either the Friday night, or the Saturday - not entirely decided yet, but more likely the Saturday). Do you have any suggestions for hotels? Nothing too expensive, but preferably one with a bar :wink:

(Steve Jalim) #24

Great stuff @LimeBlast :smile:

There are lots of B&Bs and a few hotels in Malvern, though I’ve little direct experience of them.

The Foley Arms is probably worth a look for a cheap place to stay, tho I can’t vouch for how peaceful as it’s also now a reasonably rowdy (for Malvern) Wetherspoons.

Best advice: trust Tripadvisor - though the Foley Arms and Abbey Hotel are literally the closest to the meeting point - the Premier Inn is out of town.

If you’re staying over on one night, I DEFINITELY recommend this Philadelphia Experiment burger at Mackenzies - and will try hard to join anyone there (toddler bedtimes permitting :slight_smile: )

(Daniel Hollands) #25

FYI, I’ve booked a room at the Great Malvern Hotel for the Friday night, so we’re going to be around early on the Saturday morning.

Is there somewhere that we’ll be able to leave our bags and such while on the walk? I’m not sure we’re going to want to carry our overnight stuff with us.

(Steve Jalim) #26

Am pretty sure you could leave them at the hotel, early, but if not, you can prob stick them in my car

(Steve Jalim) #27

Weather for Saturday:

(Daniel Hollands) #28

I think we can handle some light showers :sweat_drops: :slight_smile:

(Steve Jalim) #29

FYI to anyone interested in coming please PM me if you are coming, and include your mobile number, just in case. I’ll reply with my number.

Looking forward to this - will be a nice walk and chat.

(Marc Cooper) #30

13:00 Post Office, right?

(Steve Jalim) #31

Yep - if i had a red carnation and a bowler hat to hand, I would wear them

(Daniel Hollands) #32

Today was a great success. I don’t know if @auxbuss didn’t come, or if we just didn’t manage to find him, but the rest of us had an enjoyable walk up and down the hills.

Of course, it waited for us to get to the top before it started raining down hail on us, and yours truly has a muddy bum due to a slip, but otherwise it was lots of fun.

(Ben Paddock) #33

Indeed, thanks @stevejalim et al!

(Daniel Hollands) #34

I’m not really one for photos, but I did manage to take one of the fountain at the cafe.

Notice the sign saying the water isn’t safe to drink? So of course, both @stevejalim and I had to dip our fingers into the water and try a drop of it… Tasted like water.

I also took a video of it - some professional camera work here, as I’m sure you can tell.

(Steve Jalim) #35

Time to reboot the thread and get another walk going. As @limeblast put it: “with less rain and falling over this time”

Like this post if you’re interested - if there are enough people I’ll start working out dates

(Marc Cooper) #36

This time I will make it!

(Steve Pitchford) #37

Love too - only complexity - family - if convenient will try to make it

(Daniel Hollands) #38

I think we need to set a date. I would suggest exactly one year after the last one, but that’s next weekend, which is a bit short notice :sweat_smile: