Geeks in boots - who fancies a walk and talk?

(Steve Jalim) #1

I’m fairly sure I’ve mentioned the idea before of sorting out a walk and chat here in Malvern for tech types from the area. It’s about time I got something sorted out.

My loose plan would be to find a date that enough people can make (am guessing a weekend day would suit most people) then arrange a meeting point and sort out a (probably circular) walk. It’d be fairly easy going to keep it inclusive (I’ve also got indirect access to an off-road mobility scooter if that is useful to anyone). Depending when it starts and ends, we could fit in a lunch stop or arrange an evening meal at a decent pub or a (very) good burger place here.

How’s that sound? A quick reply if you’re interested would help me gauge numbers.

Also, here’s a poll to say when does/doesn’t work for you:

(Daniel Hollands) #2

I’m in. I would much prefer a Saturday, and have voted thusly.

I’m not sure what sort of length you was thinking, but if it was at least 10 miles, I’d be able to tick it off as my hike for the month (which would be good, as I’ve not done February’s yet).

(Marc Cooper) #3

I’m in. Any old time.

(Steve Pitchford) #4

Sounds like my idea of heaven, however, I have family obligations, so would welcome the opportunity to attend on an “if the moons are so aligned” basis.

( As a once keen walker - Point to point could provide fine exercise and views if transport to the Talbot could be arranged for breakfast - )

(Steve Jalim) #5

I forgot to mention that I see no reason not to make it a family-friendly walk, if people want to – I doubt my toddlers would make the full distance, but they’d happily come along for some of it

(Steve Jalim) #6

There are a few entries in the doodle diary. Any more for any more?

(Tajinder Singh) #7

I like the idea, have doodled. Been Malverns a few times, like that part of the world.
I dont have a car so wanted to know if you have decided on a travelling mode @stevejalim

(Steve Jalim) #8

I was thinking I could pick up a few people from Malvern Link station - would that suit?

(Jessica Rose) #9

I would freaking love this but am, as always, on the road. :frowning:

(Daniel Hollands) #10

I’d be happy getting the train to Great Malvern and just walking into the hills from there - unless you had another destination, having Malvern Link a more viable option for training to?

(Steve Jalim) #11

Link is one stop and a couple of quid closer to Birmingham, plus closer to my house, so I can pick people up easily. I was thinking of a proper walk on the hills, but if you want to walk from Gt Malvern up to the Wyche Cutting, say, then that’d certainly contribute to your 10miles for your hike @LimeBlast

(Marc Cooper) #12

I’ve ticked all the dates without checking, Steve, though unless life intervenes, will definitely be there. Love my outdoors. And I need the exercise!

(Steve Pitchford) #13

I’m so tentative that it wouldn’t be fair for me to commit - however if you all decide on a time, if you could let me know and let me see if I am sufficiently free to attend ( I have a pretty full plate ) it’d be appreciated?


(Steve Jalim) #14

Of course @Steve_Pitchford - i’ll make a new post and link to it from here when we’ve set a firm date, time, etc (2 April or 29 April are current best fits)

TBH, i’m tempted to make it a regular nth Saturday in the month thing, and if people can make it, great, and if not, there’s always next time

(Daniel Hollands) #15

You can put another tick next to the 2nd April - as that was the most popular date, I’ve invited a friend along for that day as well.

(Ben Paddock) #16

I have voted in the doodle. I have a friend who works for Qinetiq in Malvern so I’ll see if he’s up for it too.

(Steve Jalim) #17

This is looking promising - at the mo April 2 and April 16 are our best contenders, and I think April 2 could be the winner as it’s sooner.

Thinking about it on the way to work, had a couple of options

  1. We meet at a station and include the walk up to the hills as part of it
    Pros: easiest to arrange; no cars needed; longer day
    Cons: more walking than maybe everyone wants; longer day

  2. Party 1 starts from the station and meets with Party at a car park on the hills
    Pros: flexibility
    Cons: slightly more hassle arranging

Either way, we could start in the morning and go via a pub/cafe-on-the-hills for lunch, and those who want to can go grab evening food in Malvern before heading home.


(Steve Jalim) #18

And yes, I am posting stuff that I could just work out on my own because it helps to keep the topic near the top of the list ;o)

(Marc Cooper) #19

How far along are you planning to go, @stevejalim?

Two Towers Brewery tour
(Steve Jalim) #20

TBH, my personal time is limited, so I may have to be around only for part of it. Plus, not everyone may want to do a 10m walk, so I might come up with a route that includes an easy/hour-or-two section and then suggest ways to top and tail it for people who want to do more.