Fusion Meetup - October/November - Speakers/Sponsors Wanted!

Hi Guys

Plans are under way for the next Fusion Meetup, which is looking like it’s going to Mid October - November. Due to positive feedback we are keeping the venue as Studio Venues on Cannon Street and will be providing the catering and drinks again. I know Andy Low n Slow went down a storm last time and we’ve got a couple of similar people lined up which wont disappoint.

We have a couple of speakers/sponsors in mind but I wanted to open it up to this forum to see if anybody would be interested in speaking/sponsoring as we want to have as many Midlands based people as possible. We are also interested in hearing about any current topics that our attendees would like to hear about as this could help when choosing the speakers or if anybody has seen a talk from anybody recently/in the past that they could recommend it would be appreciated.

To give you an idea on the way it works, we have 5/6 8 minute thought provoking talks (not pitches) with Q&A.

If you would like further details or want to discuss further then please drop me an email -

Look forward to hopefully seeing lots of you at the next Fusion Meetup :slight_smile:


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Out of curiosity, and perhaps for the benefit of new readers such as meself, what is the theme of Fusion Meetups generally? Is the tech or entrepreneur etc? What sort of talks can folks expect?

Hi Jon

Apologies, I should have made that clear on the original email. The topics are:

Start Up
Potential Wild Card entry - Live Demo’s etc

Some of the talks at previous meetups include:

Mark Goodwin - Mozilla - One weird trick to make your software more secure
Chris Dunn - The Ticket Sellers - Domain Driven Design
Peter Dines - Mercia Technologies - Start Ups/ Company Culture / Entrepreneurship
Fouzan Ali - Uber - Execution at the speed of Uber
Phil Hayes - The Ticket Sellers - Great Expectations (Managing client expectations)
Rob White - - A year on Azure - the good, bad and the ugly
Chris Thompson - Enable ID - IoT Internet of things

Hope this helps. In terms of sponsorship we have different levels from Bronze - Platinum. I can provide more details if people are interested in that side.



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