Full Stack Developer Wanted

(Eddie) #1


I’m part of a Birmingham based company, looking for a full stack developer to assist with a platform that we’re building.

We are currently working with an agency but we would like to investigate whether anyone can assist with weekly/bi-weekly sprints on application and infrastructural development (or knows of someone who can help).
We are working with such languages as PHP, HTML, CSS and JS (Angular) on an AWS infrastructure.

If you can help, please drop me a message and it would be good to see some examples of the work you’ve done around web platforms and whether you think you may be suitable for such a project?

Appreciate your thoughts.

(Daniel Hollands) #2

Hi @ADHOL121, welcome to the community.

We’re more than happy for you to post vacancies here on the forum, but we do ask that you follow some simple rules which we’ve set-up.

Specifically, your post doesn’t do the following:

  • be prefixed with [looking for staff]
  • be in within commutable distance of Birmingham (anywhere within the West Midlands) and include the name of the town in the title as a tag (e.g. [Leamington]).
  • list, or link to, relevant information about the role including:
    • The name of the company (along with a link to their website).
    • A full job specification.
    • Who to contact for more information.

I’ve highlighted the two most important ones, as most people here will simply ignore anything lacking this information.

If you wanted to edit your post to include the required information, I’ll be happy to delete this reply.

Thank you.