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(Daniel Hollands) #141

Shamelessly taken from Reddit: Birmingham in 1983.

(Andy Wootton) #142

Were they taken at daybreak? I left to Cambridge by 1982 but I never saw anywhere that quiet in daylight.
I remember this being a shock because I’d lived in Handsworth the previous 2 years and everyone seemed to get on fine
Like Brexit, I guess.

(Daniel Hollands) #143

It did strike me that they were very empty - it would have been just as interesting to see the people of the time as well. I’d expect a lot of punks :slight_smile:

(Andy Wootton) #144

The punks tended to gather in one place. When I was at university it was the benches around St. Phillips but I was told they moved to the steps in front of the Council House by the time my daughter was at school. Some of the old punks still play in bands or go to their gigs. I went to see a young band in Digbeth who I’d seen in Nottingham. I was surprised to find the 2 support acts and the audience were mostly my age. It was like a zombie movie.

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