Friday Links on Fridays

(Steve Jalim) #101

Calling it: At some point OK Go will do a ‘video’ that uses JS etc to do something similar live in the browser

(Dave Adlakha-Russell) #102

A Song of Bytes and Wire

(Michael Brett) #103

One for my comic book/saturday morning tv aficionados:

(Michael Brett) #104

Nice tool for making 8-bit art:

(Stuart Langridge) #105

Shame it doesn’t work on mobile :frowning:

(Michael Brett) #106

Maybe the author will work on the mobile ux for the next version :smile_cat:

(Daniel Hollands) #107

If I had any artistic talent, this might be fun for use with my UnicornHAT.

(Daniel Hollands) #108

(Michael Brett) #109

AI covers ‘Ode to Joy’, superb:

(Daniel Hollands) #110

(Daniel Hollands) #111

I didn’t watch it live, but I’m so glad I saw this video the following morning:

(Marc Cooper) #112

The best part of the night. I loved how they really went for it. Rather, Not the Nine O’Clock News-ish.

(Michael Brett) #113

If you’re into cinema, this might be an interesting course for you:

(Daniel Hollands) #114

One for @elaptics - a pop-up lego house:

(Andy Wootton) #115

I have to show that to a couple of people.

(Daniel Hollands) #116

(Daniel Hollands) #117

(Daniel Hollands) #118

The preview for this lets it down a little, as there is a whole gallery of really cool images, check them out:

(Michael Brett) #119

Drone Cinema Montage:

(Michael Brett) #120

Game of Thrones theme via drives of different description: