Friday Links on Fridays

(Steve Jalim) #81

(Daniel Hollands) #82

(I got 5 out of 10)

(Steve Jalim) #83

I’m deeply disappointed that the first post after UpTime Funk was not “That is the best parody, ever”

(Andy Wootton) #84

Without type-checking on the punch line, it’s impossible know if that might be funny.

Ah, I see!

(Daniel Hollands) #85

(Richard Cunningham) #86

That uptime funk video was pretty good actually. Reminds me of the New Dork video that was popular a while back

(Daniel Hollands) #87

So this one is totally selfish, but look what I made happen at lunchtime:

(Daniel Hollands) #88

(Daniel Hollands) #89

(Alex Willmer) #90

Via Popey on G+

(Daniel Hollands) #91

(Richard Cunningham) #92

Discman that was smaller than a CD

(Daniel Hollands) #93

(Daniel Hollands) #94

(Michael Brett) #95

I’m addicted to this, the photos are transcendental.

(Andy Henson) #96

That is genius! I’m going to need to ban myself from the internet otherwise I’m going to spend all afternoon on that site…

(Dave Adlakha-Russell) #97

Bit of an oldie:

(Alex Willmer) #98

“Developer looking at production logs after a regression with downtime” oil canvas, circa 1580

(Daniel Hollands) #99

(Michael Brett) #100

Table-based layout? jQuery? OMG, so uncool!

This is genius. Web dominoes: