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If you only watch one getting started with android development video, make it this one:

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Oh good, not just me then! 8-D

(Jude Gibbons) #64

It’s not Friday but I wanted to post this before I forget: What Software is Made Of - a post about what software development actually is and how to explain it to non-developer project managers. (Long read…)

(Andy Henson) #65

Wow, yes it’s a long read but so, so worth it. I now really want to get some kind of abridged version and send it to all my clients and to prospective clients!

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I posted that to my team on slack’s #random during the week. Mixed response :smile:

JavaScript is like that annoying neighbour that you either have to learn to live with or move house.

(Daniel Hollands) #69

Right now I’m choosing to move in with said neighbour…

(Will Parker) #70

I know it’s not a Friday but didn’t think this could wait, it’s sooo funny!

(Andy Wootton) #71

That’s not quite true. In traditional Lisp, everything was a list but Clojure has maps, vectors & sets too. They look a lot like lists but I think they are genuinely different things.

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This is sublime - and brings back many happy memories, before I got old

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I think this is pretty accurate:

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