Friday Links on Fridays

(Daniel Hollands) #41

I’m in London tomorrow, so here is one a day early:

(Michael Brett) #42

Not Friday, but I found this portfolio via

Brilliant subversion of stock photography. Ha!

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(Daniel Hollands) #44

So, this one is cheating somewhat, but today’s link is to our party:

I’m going to be in the room all day listening to cheese from the 80s, 90s and 00s - so please save me from this and introduce me to good music.

(Daniel Hollands) #45

Super early Friday link:

(Daniel Hollands) #46

Here’s a late Friday link - a counter script for telemarketers.

(Jon) #47

A linky for yesterday, just saw this on Twitter:

(Jude Gibbons) #48

Do you mean cheese from the 60s and 70s?

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(Daniel Hollands) #50

Here’s a somewhat depressing Friday link: Salaries in Real-Time.

(Jon) #51

I’m depressed about Oprah’s salary because I don’t think it should be possible to earn that kind of money, not because I would like it for myself :smile:

(Hidden widget - click on the salary cards to see the data they’re based on - nice work!).

(Daniel Hollands) #52

Here’s one for @samf89

(Sam Farmer) #53

Haha that’s amazing!

(Daniel Hollands) #54

Put an end to feature creep

(Gav) #55

I have never actually watched the show, but I gather that there are a lot of Deaths in Game of Thrones, so here are all of them in seasons 1-4 in an ‘infographic’ :smile:

An illustrated guide to all 456 deaths in “Game of Thrones”

(Daniel Hollands) #56

This is a bit arty for my taste, but some might enjoy it:

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(Andy Henson) #60

Is everyone else as excited as I am about the new Star Wars film coming out? I can’t wait to see Jar Jar in action again!!