Friday Links on Fridays

(Daniel Hollands) #21

Another Friday, another link:

What I like about this is it’s a game which is being used to advertise a KickStarter - my only question is, how much did they spend on developing the game?

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(Daniel Hollands) #23

It’s not Friday yet, but sod it, here’s two for one:

(Daniel Hollands) #24

Another premature Friday link here (I’m busy tomorrow)

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(Michael Brett) #26

It’s not Friday, but this Rick Astley Remixer is tons of fun!

(Daniel Hollands) #27

I’m busy tomorrow, so here is an early one:

(Michael Brett) #28

Again, it’s not Friday but this assisted walking device is definitely worth a look.

(Michael Brett) #29

Also chucking this in:

Wes Bos: Command Line Power User

(Michael Brett) #30

Next level CSS:

A Single Div

(Daniel Hollands) #31

It’s close enough to Friday:

(Michael Brett) #32

An app to boost productivity and mental wellbeing?

Noizio - ambient sound equalizer

(Michael Brett) #33

Last one before I actually do some work. Check out the layout design here (via Pattern Tap):

(Daniel Hollands) #34

50 Years of ‘Avengers’ Comic Book Covers Through Color

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(Daniel Hollands) #36

This is an amazing work of art made possible using web technologies:

(Daniel Hollands) #37

Real or Photoshop? (I got 16/25)

(Richard Cunningham) #38

I got 21/25 on it :slight_smile:

(Daniel Hollands) #39

A really nicely designed article - this is beautiful.

En route from London to Tokyo, a pilot’s-eye view of life in the sky

(Daniel Hollands) #40

Here’s a slightly early link Friday this week - Garbage Pail Kids: Where Are They Now?

Here’s a sample:

(via GeekDad)