French developer calling

Hi everybody, moved to the Birmingham area in November and recently to Bilston.
I am a junior developer currently working with PHP and AngularJs writing an estate agent web application.
I have done some work using mostly PHP but also work a few complex data manipulation VBA macros.
I hope to meet some of you regularly and to learn as much as possible.
I don’t have anything public to show as everything I write is very bespoke due to the nature of the task needed.


Hi. :slight_smile: Welcome to the board.

Bonsoir! Bienvenue á, or possibly bienvenue à Birmingham.IO :slight_smile:

Hi both, thanks for the greetings

That’s the one :smile:


Welcome to the community, @blemaire. We’ve got an active meetup scene here in Brum, so you’ll no doubt bump into some of us at some point :smile:

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