Freelance or Agency IOS - Objective C skills in Birmingham

(Peter Chatterley) #1

Hi All,

I am looking for recommendations of Freelancers or Dev Companies in Birmingham that do Objective C development for native iOS applications, I am working with an entrepreneur that is looking to hire one at short notice.

Kind Regards


(Steve Jalim) #2

I rate @Peter_Rocker @

(Drew Smith) #3

Check out the WM App Dev Meetup if you can make it over to Sutton Coldfield (the venue is 3 seconds walk from SC train station). It’s not usually a big turnout (sometimes only 5 although has been 15+ before) but at the very least the organisers are a small agency/freelancers that do iOS and Android apps. I usually go every month but I might be at Hydrahack instead this time around otherwise I’d offer to do the introductions.

If going over there isn’t of interest you could always just drop a message on the board on Meetup?

(Peter Chatterley) #4


Thank you for recommending Peter, he was one of the first names I passed