FOSS History revision

I’ve just come across an interesting document about the early history of Free software

I’ve been unable to explain a discrepancy between my memory and the published date of the beginning of the GNU project. I think I remember an announcement from Richard Stallman on the DECUS tapes of a new project in about 1981/2, to rewrite Unix. This confirms that there were free C compilers on the DECUS tapes in 1980. I think it included Andrew Tanenbaum(AST)'s Amsterdam Compiler Kit. He went on to write Minix which inspired Linus to write Linux. I think RMS was in the process of porting emacs and 1 other utility to Unix. Perhaps it didn’t have a name at this point and my brain has subconsciously back-ported the data.

There is also the suggestion that RMS didn’t write gcc.

Here is RMS’s version
GNU launched in 1984.

Radio 4 is now talking about the fallibility of perception.

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