FOSDEM 2016 (Brussels)

Anyone else coming along?

I’m pretty chuffed that they’re at least trying a CoC this year. It’s always a great event, with a large number of talks that are going to be useful regardless of what tech you work with. There’s no entry fee, so it’s just down to the cost of travel.

I’d love to but I’m not sure I can really afford to just pop to Brussels for the weekend. I’ll do a little research and cost it out. Might be the ideal place to find a technical co-founder tbf.

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Sadly, no; I’m at SCALE in January, and I can’t afford to take that much more time off just now :frowning:

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One of the perks of working for Foxsoft is I get to go to Bath Ruby - but alas that’s probably the only conference I’ll be going to this year (well, maybe Hackference as well).

I + 14 other UoB students will be there!


[excited, high pitched squeals]

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Hey @jackweirdy, and everyone else too. How are you all getting to Brussels and where are you staying? My work have just agreed to pay for me to attend so I think I’m going to come but would rather not be on my todd etc.

Hey, we’re travelling by Eurostar and staying at a hotel near-ish the venue :slight_smile: I think we have an extra Eurostar ticket I can pass on to you if you want one, £80 return. (Eurostar is cheaper for groups than flying is, which is why we’re taking it).


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