Fix My Transport needs a new owner!

I’ve not used it a lot, but the people behind Fix My Transport are no longer able to keep it going. I wondered if anyone on here would be interested in taking it on (I am in theory but don’t have anywhere the amount of tech expertise or time to do more than dabble…)

While this sounds like something I’d like to be part of, I very much doubt I’ve got the skills needed for it. I’d be happy to be part of a team of other people, however, if there was a collective of people here interested in helping out with this?

Sounds exciting on the face of it but I suspect Rails 2. So for my sanity’s sake, I’m out.

It’d be good to atleast take a look at the source code. I think @maxehmookau is right - looks like it is pre-sprockets and possibly pre-Rails 3.

The main pain in the ass will be the work required to implement the XSS changes, however, I’ve done that in the past with which allows you to opt in (and only have it switched on in development) rather than Michael Koziarski’s version.

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