Finally, an introduction - I'm Kevin

Hey all,

Realised that I’ve lived in Brum for over a year, and been on this forum since February, but never actually introduced myself. So hey, I’m Kevin.

I’m primarily a Javascript developer and work in the JQ. Despite having lived here for a while, I still haven’t gone out to explore much. I’ve met @LimeBlast and @Woo in person since moving, and have known @Jess for a bit longer, but I still have yet to meet many of y’all.

My main hobbies are boardgaming and being a part of delivering hackathons (I run many as part of one of my jobs at a new London-based company, but love love love volunteering at other people’s). I love enabling others to learn and build.

My other job is at Rebel Uncut as a developer, and help run the Rebel Makers Club, which I’ve posted about on here before. It’s a coding/making club for everyone - breaking down age, skill and background barriers to provide a lovely collaborative environment for peer-to-peer learnign to take place.

Finally, I’m running a new Code Club at the Library of Birmingham on Tuesdays starting this coming week, which is nice. If you know any 9-11 year olds who may be up for it, point them here.

That’s me in a post. I’m loving Brum so far - everyone’s so damn friendly, I just have to meet more of you :slight_smile:


Kevin, nice to meet you. I’m sure I recognise the face - possibly from hackference or astonhack?

Hey dude, we’ve met at both events.

At Hackference I lent a hand to @ukmadlz, Jake and Curtis, and was at AstonHack with Nat and the camera gear as Rebel Uncut. :smiley:

I knew it. I think I was staggeringly knackered and more or less running on autopilot at both events. Do I have you to thank for the interview which featured in the video of Aston hack? I Only came across it after marketing released the blog post on so really sorry for the lack of inclusion.

Heh, yeah - that was us. You were really nice and easy to have on camera, even with the autopilot :wink:

Oh, @phazonoverload is pretty much the best!

If you’re around this week, @phazonoverload, you’ll see from the calendar that the Silicon Canal meetup is on Thursday at the Drop Forge; that might be a place to meet a particular subset of the people in town!

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