Explainer video

(Mary Matthews) #1

Hi all
I’m looking for a creative animator or company to create a short explainer video for Memrica Prompt. Any recommendations?

(Daniel Hollands) #2

Hey @Memrica, I asked for you over on the slack channel, and a few people suggested https://www.fiverr.com/ I’ve not used this site myself, and of course it all depends on who you hire, but it seems like a good starting point to me.

(Mary Matthews) #3

Thanks Dan, yes I’ve looked at Fiverr and also people per hour. I guess I’d like to work with someone who’s co located,I ha d a few other suggestions through other channels

(Marc Smith) #4

Hi Mary,
I got tweeted this request this am. My name is Marc Smith and I run The Cuillin Collective with my wife, Ailsa. We are a custom explainer video company. You can see our website here - http://thecuillincollective.com/

You can read some review here on Google and on FreeIndex

If you like our quality then please do get in touch.