Events calendar - any progress?

Now that Startup Digest has stopped and the Silicon Canal event page is pretty much useless - there is a great need for a combined calendar of events.

Is anyone working on this still, or does it need people to step up?

@sil mentioned he set one up at

One is being worked on, and you can track (and contribute towards) its progress on GitHub.

If you did fancy getting involved, give me a shout about being added to Team Calendar, and give @sil and @rythie a shout to see what needs to be done.

Indeed, we’re almost done with it. @rythie is reviewing a couple of changes, and working on an issue around overrunning our api usage quota, but the basics are there. The calendar automatically picks up things from meetup and various other places. So it’s nearly done, and then everybody will be happy.

Wow looking good. That’s great. Yes I’d like to help in any way I can, please add me to the team.

Can I publicise it yet? Or will there be a launch date?

What’s your github username, @DaveDev? I’ve found DaveDev2, but want to confirm it’s actually you before I add it.

I’d rather it wasn’t publicised yet; @rythie and I aren’t quite happy with it being able to run and update itself automatically (which is the critically important thing about it) and so it may contain errors or not contain events just yet. Believe me, I’ll be making noise about it when we’re happy :smile:

DaveDev2 is fine (it’s what we used for spylio :smile: )

Someone (who never uses Github) got DaveDev before me and refuses to give it up, despite quite a few requests.

I understand - that’s why I asked, I’ll wait until it’s ready.

When I go to events, one of the always asked questions is ‘how do I find out about all these events?’ - so huge need, but getting the message out will take some effort.

Had a quick look at the beta calendar before I go to the UX group with it as a ‘discussion’. My questions are:

  1. Why does it show yesterday’s events - is this a time zone thing?

  2. Why does it only show 2 of the 5 events that are on today?

I’m guessing the answer is ‘because we haven’t had time to fix it’ but just in case you weren’t aware :smile:

Pretty sure that that’s just because the cron job isn’t scheduled often at the moment, although I may be wrong; @rythie will know.

Huh. That’s interesting, isn’t it? That’s a bug of some kind, is what that is. It should, of course, be showing the five events in the calendar! Not sure why. I’ll try to look at that…

I had a look at this the other day, thinking that I’d move out.html over to index.html, but I also noticed that problem and couldn’t quickly work out the cause. The website script runs with TZ=UTC the same as the other one (that builds the iCal). It currently just runs twice a day, I was planning to run it more often when moving it over to index.html

I’m making a concerted effort to read more code so I went to check out the repo. Glad I did, some nice comments in that app.js file.

 Send her victorious.


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I like some of the commit messages:

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Feedback from the UX group about the Calendar

  1. Launch it!
    Don’t worry about colours, style, format, functionality.
    It fulfils a need that isn’t being met.
    So launch it. Get it out there. Use it, publicise it.
    Put a message in each of the event’s meetup / page that it is now on the calendar.

  2. Get feedback.
    Have button to submit feedback - ideally to these forums.
    Analytics - build in to see how real users are using the calendar.

  3. Refine.
    Think about the site from a user’s perspective.
    A timeline is important, but perhaps not the most useful function
    Most people will be wanting to find events that interest them.
    They’ll want to be able to find and book events days or weeks in advance
    Hardly anyone will ask ‘what’s on tonight for me to go to’.

  4. Build the community.
    It’s open source.
    The users are tech people, UX, Design, Dev, Startup, Marketing etc.
    They ‘can’ contribute.

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Nice one. These are useful things! I hope to work on it this weekend, and I’ll bear that stuff in mind…

Finally got some time to look at whether the calendar is missing out on meetings, and… I don’t think it is. If somebody can point me at a meeting that they’d expect to be in the calendar but isn’t, I’d greatly appreciate it!

Do you have ?

Ah, sorry, I’m looking for programming bugs. There are meetings which aren’t in the calendar at all (birminghamsmc is one, I think), which are not what I’m asking about here. (Although this is useful information and they should be included!)

The issue I believed (as did @rythie) that we had are those which are in under technology or in but which are not having their meetings show up in the calendar when it’s generated. Fairly sure that @DaveDev pointed out an example here, but I can’t seem to replicate the issue now and therefore can’t fix it…

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When I noticed the problem, it was a couple of days before Silicon Canal. The problem was that the generated page (out.html) didn’t have some of the events, that google calendar had. Badego might have been one that wasn’t showing up last time.

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