Eventbrite: All your base are belong to us

Heads up on Eventbrite ToS:

As an Organiser, you grant permission to Eventbrite to enter onto and remain on the premises where your event is hosted with personnel and equipment for the purpose of photographing and recording the Premises … You … agree that Eventbrite will own all rights of every nature whatsoever in and to all films and photographs taken and recordings made hereunder (the “Recordings”), including without limitation of all copyrights therein and renewals and extensions thereof, and the exclusive right to use and exploit the Recordings in any manner, in any medium or context now known or hereafter developed. You, on behalf of yourself and the Subjects, grant Eventbrite and its licencees the nonexclusive right to use the names and trademarks of you, the Premises, the Events documented in the Shoot, and the Subjects in connection with Eventbrite’s and its licencees’ use of the Recordings.

You are responsible for obtaining, at your own cost, all third party permissions, clearances, and licences necessary to secure Eventbrite the permissions and rights described above.

Seems a tad overzealous.

UK version, see 10.2:


Wow, that’s really off!

Yes - no more EventBrite, Meetup is fairly awful but not as evil as that.

Blooming Nora, the cheek of it. I hope this is just lawyers being annoying, rather than actual Eventbrite being annoying.

I’m not even sure an event organiser can transfer copyright permissions for photographs containing pictures of attendees, since the attendees won’t have explicitly consented to that transfer.

ime, ToS changes go through the whole operational management team. Anyone outward facing is going to be quizzed from time to time about the legals. The nuance of a phrase is easy enough to punt on, but not an entire clause. This is strategic. And hey, they are pitching to IPO :thinking:

Hypocrisy from the founders:

Let’s thwart “scalpers” with blockchain because they profit and not the artist. “A third-party taking a big cut.”

Yay! More marketing psychopathy. Like I’m surprised.

Ooh, they might be listening to peeps on the interwebs:

There’s definitely a techie in the replies:

I mean, you’re free to just test ToS changes in production and see how they fly on Twitter, of course

:rofl: :grinning:

heh Too late. Trust gone. I’ve already had one event cancel at the weekend. I won’t be attending another of their events. And I’ll be judging companies that use them. They’re in the same bucket as Facebook, PayPal, Uber etc. now.

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'Tis the consequences of companies getting too big. I am reminded of the advice in the Rework Book about starting a great business: “stay small”.

(I might add the addendum: “… and don’t have a legal department” :smiley:).

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