Enterprise screen cast recording

Ola Brum-Brum-Land,

We need to share screen recordings of bugs we find in a product, however the screen recordings may contain sensitive business information. Is there a screen recorder we can install on our own servers to publish stuff to for internal sharing? The company we’re sharing it with are allowed to see the info, however, the hoster of the screen videos can’t.

Any thoughts?

Best, DanC

Encrypt the files.

Thanks @Woo looking for a more end to end solution (records & publishes) rather than dragging files around encrypting them. Like Enterprise Quickcast

That’s fine, as long as the data cannot ever exist as unencrypted data to ‘the hoster of the screen videos’, if that is a requirement (which you may choose to relax.) To meet it, I think you need to en/decrypt at the source and target or alternatively to a host you trust as much as your own people.

Information Security is about Confidentiality, Integrity, Availability and Non-repudiation (I always have to look that one up) and it sounds like confidentiality is your main concern. You need to assess the threats, possible impact (£) and likelihood (%) of each, to assess how much it’s worth spending on controls. ‘BA me’ could hazard a guess how much your client will be willing to pay for that, but it would be unprofessional of me :smiley:

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