'ello all, I'm Jon in Brummagem

Hi all

I’ve peeked at the discussions here in the past, and on many occasions thought I ought to sign up to say hi - finally! My name’s Jon and I’m based not far from Brum city centre. I’ve been a LAMP developer for some 10+ years, and I’ve done a fair bit of frontend too.

I used Symfony 1.x for some years, back when that was a thing. I’ve mainly worked on large systems with home-made frameworks, but these days I prefer micro-frameworks like Slim where I get the choice. That said, I recently buckled under community peer pressure :smile: and am teaching myself Laravel 5 (early days, okay so far).

I’ve taught a couple of small beginner programming groups in Moseley, and will probably do another one at some point. These days I help out over the web, mainly on Stack Overflow.

I’m presently on a career break to incubate a side project (linky if you’re curious) though I’ll soon be looking to take on some freelance/contract work. I expect I’ll be asking for advice about both in due course!

PS: when I read the ToS here, I found this curiosity: any access to or use of the Website will be governed by the laws of the state of California, U.S.A.. This site is for Birmingham UK, and not Birmingham Alabama, right? Just checking :stuck_out_tongue:


I’m glad you have, welcome :slight_smile:

We have a brand new Laravel meetup group in the area, if you’re interested in coming along to the next meet. Pinging @paul_tibbetts, when is the next meet?

I know that Codebar are looking for volunteers to help, if that is of interest?

Ha, so I guess you’re the first person to actually read the ToS (I certainly haven’t :flushed:) I’ll have to look into that - but yes, this is for Brum - Birmingham UK :smile:

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Saw there was a meet-up group, nice :smile:

Heh! There’s something about the DCMA too, which I don’t think stretches as far as these sunny shores (as much as they would like it to!).

Hi @halfer. Have you seen the freelance page?

I have @woo, and thanks - I’ll add me onto it soon!

Hi Jon :wave: welcome to the forums

I can thoroughly recommend @marcjenkins’s bi-weekly newsletter on “freelance life, business, creativity, and more”.

The next meetup is Tuesday (short notice I know, I blame the organisers), but hopefully it’s enough notice for you to come join us.

Linky sounds cool, I’d love to hear how it progresses :smiley:


Many thanks Paul. Some of the back issues of that newsletter are very good, I will keep an eye out for them.

Thanks for the invite to the Laravel meetup. I’ve taken a lot of things on at present, so I’ll have to see about Tuesday. If it’s not possible, I’ll certainly come to another one.

Linky sounds cool, I’d love to hear how it progresses

Cheers! At some point I might write a post in one of these here fora to write about it from an tech and business perspective, someone might find that interesting. The Trello for it is completely overflowing :smiley_cat:

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