Egghead vs udemy?

I’m thinking of treating my brain with some more front end goodness. I like to learn from both books and videos. I like to have the options to download a video to watch while on the bus. I need to know which website has the best videos. My preference is videos. seems to cater for JavaScript only while udemy is for all topics. Can anyone share some experience with both? So far Im thinking of subscribing with

They’re not the same kind of animal. Egghead is more exclusive content and videos created exclusively for that site. Udemy is just a collection of courses for people to sell if I’m correct. I’ve just checked and seeing as they have over 45,000 courses I’d say this is still the case.

I personally prefer The videos are super concise… so great if you get bored easily. The quality seems higher than anything I’ve seen on Udemy. I’ve only heard bad things about Udemy, such as some people reselling content from other sites on there.

Pluralsight is a great resource for some things and is getting bigger all the time. You can get a decent free trial on that.

Other than that have a look at thinkster, quite similar to egghead.

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Thanks for that. I do noticed that egghead dives straight to the point.

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