Ed from ChattyMaps says Hello ;)

(Daniel Hollands) #41

I disagree with this, as I quite like the layout as it stands currently. I think the only change I would make is the ability to move the dividing line between the form and the map, allowing for either the map, or the form, to be larger/smaller as required.

I might not be able to make that after all, but I’ll see you Saturday anyway.

(Etewiah) #42

Just a little update on this. A lot of the feedback I was getting was about how long it took to figure out what the purpose of the site was so as a little experiment, I took the same codebase but tweaked it to focus on creating meetups and pushed it to http://klavado.com to see how that pans out.

After posting it on hacker news earlier today, I’ve had literally hundreds of people try it out and I got a shed load of good feedback too:

The lesson for me: really worthwhile doing what is effectively A/B testing across different domains. I’ll experiment a bit with this over the next few days and see how it works out but I’m quite pleased with the response from hacker news. I’ll return to working on chattymaps with a focus on Brum sometime next week.

(Richard Cunningham) #43

It’s a good sign you were able to get some upvotes and all that feedback. Some more feedback:

  • I think ChattyMaps is the better of the two names.
  • I can’t seem to drag the map in firefox or chrome?
  • I’d suggest grabbing people’s email addresses if you can, so you can keep in contact with them for updates (unless you have some other way to keep in touch with people who’ve tried the site)

(Etewiah) #44

Thanks once again for the feedback Richard, you’re pretty good with this :wink:

  • Yes, it does look like not that many people are keen on klavado. The concept is different to what I have at chattymaps so I will need to come up with a better distinctive name for it.
  • When creating a poll, the only way to change the location is to type a different place name. I suppose it means the map is not super useful at that point but I just thought its nice to have it there anyway.
  • I will add the option to save email addresses, I just didn’t see it as a priority till now. I really didn’t expect such a big response on hacker news and I now regret having missed the chance to capture some emails from all the traffic I got. Never mind - we live and learn.

(Stuart Langridge) #45

As far as I can tell, it doesn’t work without JavaScript: there’s a “create a meeting” button, but clicking it doesn’t do anything?

(Etewiah) #46

Yep, I’m sorry Stuart - site is not functional without JS. I’m not planning on fixing that till I’ve validated the concept a bit more.

(Gav) #47

Hi Ed @etewiah is this project of yours still progressing?

I’m a little confused with the initial few posts from March`15 and how the site looks today, has it changed concept a bit in that time?

(Etewiah) #48

Hey @ukgav - really sorry its taken me so long to reply. I fell off planet birmingham.io for a little while but I’m back now.

Yes, the chattymaps concept did change a bit and will probably change again. I’ll be revisiting it again over the next few days so hopefully I’ll be able to incorporate some more of the feedback I got from here.

(Gav) #49

I’ve just done exactly the same.
Deffo the most drawn out conversation ever now, 3 messages since Sep15 :smiley:

What’s happened to chattymaps now? :slight_smile:

(Etewiah) #50

Hey @ukgav - I’m going to up the tempo a bit by replying in 5 days instead of months :wink:

So, long story short - I’ve giving up on working on something I enjoyed a lot but that had pretty little chance of making me money for something I enjoy a bit less but has some chance of earning me money.

This thing here is now what keeps me awake at night:

I’ll keep the chattymaps domain name and who knows, perhaps if I get enough time and money sometime in the future I’ll return to it.