Ed from ChattyMaps says Hello ;)

This sounds like a job for Firefox Hello (or any WebRTC tool)

Oh yeah, ‘Firefox Hello’. That’s what I meant by ‘Mozilla Talk’. Don’t you hate it when they give things sensible names?

Basically though, you’ve got to use what people have installed on corporate PCs, as they don’t have sufficient privs to update their browser from IE6.

@LimeBlast Did you see me whining that it isn’t yet possible to start a Hello session from Firefox on Android, though you can answer? I spent ages looking for a hidden option. Imagine mobile phones that could only take incoming calls!

Also, which is brilliant, although I appreciate your point about unfortunate people who can’t upgrade to a thing which supports easy video conferencing, such as IE8 and iphone users.

I like this idea. First off I’d suggest having a read of Traction Book to find a method of getting users that will work for you.

In terms of the site:

  • I think the video is too long, basically I think you need video that is less than a minute and shows how quick and easy this all is.

  • When I add a place, I’m not sure why the default name isn’t the name of the place, for example I typed “White Horse”, clicked the Leamington one, on the map it says White Horse but I still need to name it.

  • The UI for adding the second place is different and not as good in my view, at the very least the button should say “add new place” on it.

  • There seems to be no prompt to finish or share the poll, twitter, facebook, email links etc.

  • Vote up and down buttons are too far apart

  • Remove place icon is too small and there is no confirmation

  • In general I’d look more closely at what doodle do in terms of on-boarding.


The thing is, I don’t only want to talk to people who chose the same phone as me. Remember Gizmo and what Google Talk was going to be. "That was just a dream that some of us had " - Joni Mitchell, from her hospital bed.

mmm, I see what you’re saying but then where do I stop. If I have the option to vote between skype, google hangouts and the glee club it won’t be long before someone asks for ‘fish and chips’ as an option - if you know what I mean :wink:

Having said that, if there really is a demand out there for a free text survey tool I’d be happy to build it. Will adding options for video-conferencing tools really result in my app being more useful?

Great list of tips @rythie - really appreciate it.

  • regarding the video, as soon as I prove people will use my product I plan to spend some money on something more professional.
  • Having to enter the name when its already known is a bug - thanks for pointing it out.
  • Not sure what I can do to improve the UI for adding the second place other than adding the text you suggest - will do that though.
  • You’re right, I’ll need to add some functionality for sharing.
  • I’m planning to allow voting just by clicking directly in the voting summary box
  • When you remove a place, it just gets hidden and can be retrieved with the restore button - I need to make this clearer.

I find feedback on forums more useful than reading the latest new books. Having said that, I’ll find out a bit more about the Traction Book to see if its something I can get the gist of quickly - thanks for the recommendation.

I wouldn’t build this video conference feature, right now at least. I don’t think it’s a problem many have. People probably just say it’s going to be on Skype or Google hangouts and fill in this doodle. Maybe best to wait till you have 25 users asking for the feature before implementing. I’d focus on polishing the product with it’s existing features and then market that.


Here is a ‘Simple set of instructions’ for RTC

Yes, that’s what I’m going to end up doing.

That will be the key part for me. I see you did quite well with spreading the word about FriendBinder back in the day. I’d quite like to have a chat with you when I get to the marketing stage :wink:

Sure, I’m happy to talk to you about this, or any startup related topic.

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Hello people. So after a lot of feedback ( especially to you guys here - this forum has been one of the best places for me to get feedback ) I’ve decided to change the concept of chattymaps a bit. Instead of being a ‘ for places’, I’m re-launching it as a ‘crowd finder’

The idea is that you can ask the crowd to help you find places. The difference from places like tripadvisor is that people can vote on the places that are suggested so it is more of a collective process than a bunch of individual reviews of places.

Its something that should grow more powerful more people use it. Right now, to get traction I am making it as easy to use as possible. No user registration is needed and I will monitor each topic myself to provide useful answers and remove spam. As it grows though, I will introduce the option to create accounts and gain badges for participation. It is all built on Discourse ( the same forum software that runs this site ) so this functionality is actually there already, I just need to modify it a bit and then activate it.

So thats where I’m at now. I still would like someone to work with on this so if you are interested please send me a PM. Here is the site link again:

So, trying my best to put this to practical use as soon as possible, one problem that I’ve found for meet up groups and other events (such as my Ruby seminar) was finding a suitable venue, and it would be excellent if this was able to solve that problem.

I’ve created a question: - but I’m not sure quite what to do now. Am I meant to promote this myself, or are other people shown this question via the site?

Grande, grande!!! Thanks @LimeBlast , that’s exactly the sort of use case I’m after.

So yeah, when chattymaps is known all around the world, thousands of people would be looking at your question now and providing answers :wink: Now though, I’m the main person monitoring it so I’ve already made a couple of suggestions and voted on one.

I will promote any questions asked in the 1st few weeks on twitter and facebook myself. After that, depending on the traction I get, I might pay people to help me till I reach takeoff speed.

I think the problem with my example is it’ll almost impossible to find somewhere compatible with the desired requirements, that of a free venue, with WiFi, access to electrical sockets, tables and chairs, and an atmosphere conductive to study and or work.

Your system seems good for something a needed a few months ago, when looking for a venue for the party (are you coming?), but less so for this.

Given the requirements above, maybe there should be some additional options on the question page, such as budget, number of people it needs to cater to, the type of premesis (or for what function), etc.

I’ve added your specific requirements in the comments section. For now I want to keep the process as simple as possible.

I’ll be popping round to Impact hub later so I’ll ask them about hosting your thing there.

Haven’t signed up for the party yet as I’m not sure if I can make it. Was planning to be away this weekend but I’ll see if I can change that.

One more suggestion - I think at a minimum you should ask for an email address - I created the question, then left - and had no idea there were any replies.


Hi Ed,

I like that you are focusing on deciding on location. A few comments:

  • I’m not sure people should be able to change the items people are voting on. What’s to stop someone changing the name of the top voted place?
  • As Daniel suggests, I think after you’ve created a poll you should suggest ther use then either Tweets, sends via Facebook or email in a more obvious way (e.g. pop-over). In Daniel’s example he’d probably get good responses from people who follow him on Twitter or via the existing network here on At the current stage of development, this is the only way anyone is likely to get votes on a poll.
  • The page layout feels wrong, seems like the map should go to the bottom of the screen and not scroll with the page and only the left should scroll. At the moment on my big screen, I have a white gap at the bottom and on my 13inch MacBook Air, I’ve got a sort of double scrolling situation.
  • The “hello friend” menu is a bit odd, I’m not sure I get it. It seems like the choice between “ask the crowd” and “ask your friends” should be in the main body of the page. In fact I’d default to “ask your friends” at this stage, because there is no crowd at the moment.
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Awesome, thanks for the great feedback once again :wink:

That is certainly a weakness at this point. For these next few days though I’m only circulating it among people who I expect will be sensible. The solution going forward is tied in to the point about notifications. Once I have a form to collect an email address for notifications, I will send the creator a passcode that has to be entered to be able to modify the poll.

The solution to this will come with the update I mention above when I start asking for an email address. In the longer term I will ask people to create an account but for now I think that will just put people off.

I tried having the map at the bottom of the screen before and that didn’t work well. I’m open to changing this though. I haven’t quite got the media queries right for the map at the moment so I know it looks wrong on some screens. Surely if it was the right size on the left that would work right. I’ll ask more people about this to see what the consensus is.

Waiting till I have a crowd before I add the ‘ask the crowd’ button is a bit of a chicken and egg thing. For now I’m relying on an initial audience of people who will use it because they want to help me out. I will go in myself and act as the crowd till I get enough traction :wink:

Good point. It is somewhere on my todo list :wink: Should have it in a week or so.

Also, I’ll be going to the party on Saturday so see you then (if not before - I see you’re signed up for the javascript meetup tonight too)

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