Early Career in Change & Transformation - 24 June

The 6th event in our series for anyone wanting to get into IT (or just starting out):

Early Career in Change & Transformation

24 June, 2-3pm

Earlier events are available to re-watch on the BCS Member Groups YouTube site:

I’m not trying to be a ‘smart-arse’. I’m genuinely interested in words: what do you see as the difference between ‘change’ and ‘transformation’? I’m ‘late career’ and they sound like the same thing to me.

I would have said transformation is like a massive change or a big set of big changes.

Like a change programme rather than a change project.

So things like major changes to business processes and introducing more online/digital channels.

I wasn’t a 100% sure myself, so did a quick Google search, which suggests it’s also about changing beliefs - so not just changing the tech out, but changing the culture too.

Cheers for asking the question - it’s interesting to dig a bit deeper into the differences.

I’m quite used to technical change and operations management, but not so familiar with business change, but I have been enjoying the series so far.

Thanks. I’m familiar with the idea of an “Agile transformation project”, which, while a crazy idea, is a widely-used phrase. People often seem to separate the processes than run on people from those that run on tech, whereas I see that as an arbitrary and movable boundary. “Changing” IT but “transforming” culture perhaps makes more sense, as culture is more than process.

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