Driving instructors: any recommendations?

(Matt Andrews) #1

So I’m biting the bullet and planning to learn to drive before I hit 30 (in September). I’ve never so much as sat behind the wheel of a car so the closest I’ve come to driving is messing about on quad bikes.

I cycle a lot so I’m fairly comfortable with the rules of the road (albeit without ever taking any sort of test), but other than that it’s all new to me. With that in mind, does anyone have any recommendations for somewhere/someone for driving lessons local to Brum? I’m in Kings Heath but work in town and willing to travel. Let me know!

(Daniel Hollands) #2


I’m starting to face the fact that I will have to learn to drive at some point myself, only at this rate the magical age I need to beat is 40 :older_man: (although, house comes first), so I’m also interested in suggestions.

(Marc Cooper) #3

When I was a lad, it was a given that you took your test as soon as you could. It was one of the great life milestones being 17. Girls as well as guys. I took bike and car tests within a couple of months of being 17. That’s like a million years ago now!

Points: I believe, and always have, that you should be retested every year. A vehicle license is a privilege not a right. That said, behaviour on British roads is pretty good. It wasn’t until I was in Oman recently that I realised how much better we could be, though.

The idea that I’m allow to jump on some jet propelled zillion miles an hour motorcycle because I passed a test many decades ago is insane.

Enjoy learning to drive. If you can drive in Birmingham, you can drive anywhere.

(Matt Andrews) #4

Yep – when I was 17 I was offered the choice between driving lessons and an electric guitar. Never regretted it but might have a use for some wheels these days… still play the guitar, though!

(Daniel Hollands) #5

Hahaha, I wonder which would have been more successful in attracting a mate :joy:

(Marc Cooper) #6

Ah, I swapped my trumpet (school lessons) for electric guitar at 14 :wink: