Does anyone know where to find translated CCC research papers?

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I’m a student at Staffs Uni and I’m helping friend with a project involving biometrics and wants translated copy of the 2012 research the CCC hacker Starbug used to clone Ursula Von Leyen’s fingerprints from photographs; He says he found a copy but he can’t read German… Any Ideas?


Do you have a link/access to the German paper? It could be that if you wanted it in English, you’d have to pay to get it translated (or hope that something like Google Translate doesn’t screw it up too much).

(sorry, research papers are not my strong suit, hopefully someone else might be able to offer a better solution)

Hi Dan, we’ve been working with starbug and the CCC at BOM in Birmingham. Are you on Jabber or could you send me your email address and I’ll put you in touch. You should come and visit BOM!

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Hello Karen

I’ve sent you a private message regarding the situation

Thanks :smile:

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