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(Steve Jalim) #1

Evening all

Just wondering: are there (m)any other Django developers around the Birmingham/Midlands area?

Am looking to kick off some kind of group, as there don’t appear to be that many of us around these parts.


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(Jim Gumbley) #2

Django specific, or python web dev in general? I tend to use Flask + SQL Alchemy rather than Django and know there are others around who are the same.


(Stuart Langridge) #3

Last thing I built in Python was actually a Flask thing rather than Django, but Pycon UK was here a few years ago; I’m sure there are more of us around :smile:

(Daniel Hollands) #4

At both of the codebar events that I’ve attended, there were people interested in learning python - but alas no one with the knowledge to teach them.

(Andy Wootton) #5

I’m a Pythambino. (who isn’t sure why a post has to be 20 characters long)

(Alex Willmer) #6

PyConUK is still around these parts - please join us in Coventry, Friday 18th - Monday 21st September. There’s also Python West Midlands, though I’ve missed the recent meetings.

I count myself a Python programmer, and I’m currently working on integrating U2F with Django Two Factor. authentication

(Steve Jalim) #7

I’m very happy to meet other Python programmers, of course - thought I am semi surprised at how few Django devs there appear to be in the region. Strange - or perhaps not. I’ve been in the Django bubble for a while - certainly before I escaped London.

@moreati In theory, I’d love to come to PyCon, thank you - but currently two small daughters make conferences a fading memory at the mo. I think EuroPython in Brum was the last Python conf I made it to, and DjangoCon/DjangoIsland. Hopefully before long I’ll have more flexibility!

(Jude Gibbons) #8

They’re never too young to start.