Digital and DevOps Meetup, June 2017

Anyone know anything about the Digital and DevOps Meetup that happened yesterday? I couldn’t go, myself, because it clashed with Fusion.

The word “digital” seems to have acquired a new meaning of “like enterprise IT, but trendy”, and I think that might be the sense they’re using the word in here. They seem to have lots of short talks, which seems like a good approach if you can find enough speakers.

Cor, not seen that. @DaveDev is on the list though – I assume he wasn’t there yesterday, obvs, but what’s the score with this meetup, Dave?

I thought DIGITAL meant ‘dead webbish’ now. Is this the big consultancies trying to be cool?

It looks like they added Digital because there is already a Birmingham DevOps group, though it appears to have gone quiet

Agile has gone organic :smiley:

I started using Salt (SaltStack) for devops a few months ago and I love it. It has completely changed the way I look at building and configuring servers - be it 1 or 100.

My on-machine build process is get bootable, install salt-minion and orchestrate now.

Would be interested talking to anyone else using Salt and sharing experiences.

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