**Developer front / back end / whatever needs doing, we’re a startup after all**

(James Richmond) #1

Developer Front / Back end / whatever needs doing, we’re a startup after all

  1. £32-45k depending on experience**
  2. Potential to join the employee share scheme after six months

About you
You’ll have at the minimum:

2-4 years’ professional experience in software development.
2 years’ experience of front-end web work. JS, JQuery, CSS/Less, Grunt/Gulp/Bower; the usual suspects.
Real-world experience with Node.js.
Real-world experience with CouchDB or another document database.
Experience managing your code in Git or a similar source control system.
A passion for good software design and an experience-won ability to write code that is easy to understand, maintain and extend.
Flexibility, an appetite for learning and an ability to pick up new concepts / technologies quickly. We’re a small team, so sticking to what you know is a no-go!

You’re really killing it if you’ve:

Android or iOS native mobile app experience.
Knockout.js experience, since this is what our website is built on.
Amazon Web Services (EC2 and S3) experience.
Experience writing unit and integration tests.
Set up or worked with continuous integration.

Job Description
Working with our CTO you’ll take responsibility for development and maintenance of our website. Initially, you’ll be making improvements to the website before working on new product features aimed at driving viral growth.

These will cut across all platforms, so will require planning, a lot of communication and closely coordinated development. You’ll help choose the tech used to build them.

It’s extremely likely that at some point you’ll help out with some mobile app development on native iOS (mainly Objective C with some Swift) and Android (Java / Kotlin). We’ll help you pick this up, of course.

About us @ Roompik

Our product
Roompik is a Facebook-login, mobile-first, spare room marketplace.

Every country has a dominant incumbent site that shows little information about the people looking for house shares and those already living in them. We believe there is an opportunity for a global house share app that makes forming house shares faster, easier and more personal.

We’re currently serving 7500 monthly active users and growing, working to an aim of reaching 20,000 monthly active users that will facilitate raising our next round of investment.

Our culture
Working out of the E4F incubator at Innovation Birmingham you will hotdesk with the rest of the team and occasionally work from home at your discretion. We’re a small team with big ambitions.

We like what happens when you have people in a room - spontaneous discussions, debates, chucking ideas around; so while remote working is fine, we’ll want you in the office most days.

Skills & attributes
Generally scrappy to get things done but has an innate urge to make good, sustainable design decisions
Strong experience with javascript in particular relation to Node.JS and Knockout.Js
Some mobile experience is desirable but not required
A strong aptitude for coding and problem solving is required

Please send a CV or a link to your LinkedIn profile to jameserichmond@gmail.com

(Etewiah) #2

Like the app - surprised I hadn’t heard of it before. Good luck with it and hope you find the right dev soon.