Design for an exciting application

(Jai Preston) #1

Hi guys,

With the incredible technology we have today its a mystery that more is not being done to tackle crippling conditions like diabetes, heart disease and obesity.

I and a few friends are working on an exciting application in the field of health and fitness and i’m looking for a good designer. Not only for the application, but for the company logo and the website. Depending on your level, the duration could vary, but i want to get it done as soon as possible. However, there could potentially be ongoing work if the project succeeds.

If you’re a designer or front-end developer and would like to work on what could be a rewarding project then drop me a line at with the subject: whatever you like :wink:


(Stuart Langridge) #2

Cool. Do you have funding?

(Jon) #3

Hi Jai

What’s the remuneration model you have in mind for this role? Are you looking to pay in equity, cash or a mix? Are you looking for an employee, a partner or an as-needed freelancer?

(Jai Preston) #4

Hi Jon,

Thanks for your reply. For the current situation the pay will be in equity. Until i can raise funds (of which i am currently doing ), there is no cash.

As for the role, it really depends. If the work is good and we strike up a relationship then a long-term commitment could be the result. However, to begin with i am looking for freelance or something similar.


(Jon) #5

Ah, righto. It is usually a good idea to state this up-front, in that case - experienced devs and designers see equity-only offers quite frequently, and sometimes the wording can accidentally make them sound like “work for free” requests.

If your equity-only offer doesn’t generate any interest, the alternative is to self-fund so you can offer at least a cash mix. Designers will be happier to work at 50% rate than nothing, I expect! If the initial work can be done in a week, then the cash you’d need to inject would be relatively low, and would help demonstrate your own confidence in the project. You could also aim to get less experienced designers involved, to help them with their portfolio, but I would still aim to pay them something.

(Jai Preston) #6

Thanks Jon,

Yeah, i am open to seeing how we can make this work, equity or funded. It just depends on the person.

I have put several months and a lot of energy into this project. I will not give up until it’s an impossibility. If i can find someone who can see this confidence, all the better.

As for the lesser experienced designers, i am all for them getting involved with the project. It is actually quite a very big project that one could learn a lot from. So if any of you reading are one of these people, get in touch :slight_smile: