Deployments with Bitbucket Pipeline to DigitalOcean

For setup reasons, DigitalOcean, DO, is the preferred setup where my app will be homed to. I have two projects: Ruby static HTML and Rails app. In my last job, we used Deploybot for our deployments but that was with PHP apps, although it can be used for any app to any server.

I want to use Bitbucket’s Pipeline - for Ruby. Has anyone done this with their Ruby/Rails project? I know not many of us work with Ruby/Rails on a daily basis but for those who do, have you any experience? Do I need another service to use to deploy to a DO server?

For example, when I push a branch called “staging”, it deploys, atomically or manually, to a defined staging server.

Not used it. Like you I’ve used Deploybot. I’ve been mostly using GitLab’s CI/CD pipelines recently.

Hmmm. I was curious about it as that’s what we use here at work. I thought I could reduce the flow of a release, something like Continuous Delivery. I eventually gave up and stick with Heroku :slight_smile:

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