Democracy Club: Birmingham elections data party! Apr 10th

(Pauline Roche) #1 - Apr 10th at Impact Hub Birmingham; similar parties happening in London and Manchester - join volunteers making election information easier to find for voters.

Every council seat in Birmingham is up for election this May — so we’re making open data on the candidates.

We’ll take data from council PDFs (for Birmingham and beyond!) and we’ll turn it into useful data that anyone can use.

You’ll need a laptop, but no technical knowledge. Joe from Democracy Club will explain everything on the day.

(Jon) #2

Interesting! Does this tackle historical data as well, or just recent? I seem to recall that there is actually no national responsibility to record the results of local elections, nor any department or official who would have that as part of their remit.

(Pauline Roche) #3

This was just about the current (as was) election